As with all mechanical equipment, your bike will require periodical maintenance or servicing to ensure that it continues to perform to the correct standard for the fitted components.

  • A lack of maintenance will cause premature wear or failure of components and can ultimately increase your running costs.
  • A lack of maintenance could lead to safety issues with brakes, wheels or the drive train components
  • A lack of maintenance could impair the performance of your bike. You could literally be working harder than necessary to achieve a given cruising speed or climb.


Angus Bike Chain offers full support with 3 different levels of servicing to suit your specific needs:

Level 1


A basic safety check to ensure your bike is working as per specification, and above all is safe to ride. In addition to this basic service, we will advise the customer of any potential issues that may need to be addressed in the near future. Please note that should we find any safety related problems during the basic service we will contact the customer to ask for permission to proceed with a repair. (excluding any replacement parts required)

Level 2


A “health check” that includes all of the operational and safety elements of the Level 1 service, but adds the inspection of the main bearing components in the wheel hubs, bottom bracket and headset. (excluding any replacement parts required)

Level 3


This is a full strip down service, useful if the bike is used in all weathers. All components are removed, cleaned and inspected to assess performance against original specification. Frame is checked for damage or ingress of water before the bike is re-assembled and set up to specification. (including replacement cables, excluding other replacement parts)