Level 2 Service

Level 2 Service: (Cost £60 excluding parts required for repair)

A “health check” that includes all of the operational and safety elements of the Level 1 service, but adds the inspection of the main bearing components in the wheel hubs, bottom bracket and headset.

  1. Check all fixing bolts are secure and to the correct torque where applicable (essential with a carbon frame or components).
  2. Visual inspection of tyres and wheel rims for signs of damage or excessive wear.
  3. Check headset for correct adjustment.
  4. Check gears for accuracy of shifting between cogs, and condition of cables.
  5. Check drivetrain components for wear.
  6. Remove bottom bracket and inspect for wear. Re-assemble and adjust.
  7. Check operation and setting of brakes including pad wear and condition of cables.
  8. Check front and rear wheel hubs, clean bearings and cups, adjust cones and axle.
  9. Check spoke tensions in both wheels.
  10. Lubricate all pivot points on drivetrain components and brake calipers.
  11. Test ride to check the performance.


Customers will be advised of any issues found during the service that will require attention immediately, or in the near future.

Any additional work carried out will be charged as a labour cost plus parts.