Cycle repair is an area that the majority of cyclists feel uncomfortable with.

Angus Bike Chain staff are not only trained to carry out a repair, but are experienced in analysing the cause of the failure to eliminate further problems. A successful repair requires the knowledge and experience to resolve a problem, and the tools or equipment to complete the task.

We have found that the popularity of cycling has increased the number of bike manufacturers, each with their own idea of design. This has increased the amount of components fitted to a bike that may be “unique” to a particular manufacturer. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the home-mechanic to identify and source replacement parts.

We can help.

(Please note some of the more diverse types of repairs, e.g suspension forks and shocks, require a range of spare parts that change with each new model. As a result, we use a professional service on a sub-contract basis to ensure that the customer receives the best service in the shortest possible time. The same goes for specialist repairs to carbon fibre frames).