Cycle to work scheme

Angus Bike Chain is part of the government initiative Cycle to Work scheme.

We are partnered with the following scheme operators:

  • Cyclescheme
  • Bike 2 work scheme
  • Cycle Plus


Companies that offer the cycle to work schemes to their employees will choose which scheme provider to work with. Anyone wishing to use this option for buying a bike should check with their company to find which scheme provider has been chosen, and which bike retailers are included.

How does the scheme work?

The scheme offers an employee the chance to receive discount on a bike and/or accessories to be used for commuting to work. The discount is available because the bike is purchased from the employees’ gross salary before tax, and therefore the employee pays less tax on their monthly earnings. After 12 months’ salary sacrifice, the bike will have a residual value. Check with your employer to get details of what this involves.

  1. Choose a retailer from your company cycle to work scheme authorized retailers.
  2. Visit the retailer and ask for a written quotation for the bike and accessories that you need. (max value is normally up to £1,000).
  3. Submit the value of goods into your company scheme – check how your company does this administration.
  4. You will receive notification from the cyclescheme provider that your request has been received.
  5. Next you will receive a certificate number.
  6. Finally you will be issued with a certificate that includes the original number, a description of the goods to be supplied / or a value, and the Redemption code.
  7. Call the bike retailer and let them know that you are ready to redeem the voucher and collect your goods.