Angus Bike Chain can source bikes from a wide range of suppliers. We mainly stock Merida and Giant, as both of these manufacturers have an extensive range of bikes in each market segment:

  • Childrens bikes from balance bike to young adult.
  • Mountain bikes, hard tails, cross-country and downhill.
  • Racing bikes, sportive, touring and full on race.
  • Hybrids for the road or trails.
  • Cyclo-cross racing bikes
  • Electric bikes (power assisted pedalling).

In addition, we also stock bikes from a range of smaller volume manufacturers based on customer preference.

All new bikes purchased from Angus Bike Chain are supplied by reputable companies and are built by our trained mechanics to CEN standards prior to purchase. This approach ensures that the following criteria are met:

  • Each bike is built to the manufacturers’ specification.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is valid.
  • Each bike is test-ridden to check that it performs correctly.

We accept that a new bike will require some minor adjustments after a short period of use, this is perfectly normal due to components “bedding in”. As a result, we offer a free first service to customers who purchase a bike from us. This service will re-adjust the bike to assure that it functions correctly. Terms and conditions apply.

Our main brands

We also source other brands.